Yieldbroker opens Singapore office

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16 September 2019


Australia’s trusted electronic trading solution Yieldbroker has opened its doors in the Asian financial hub of Singapore, having received approval as a Recognised Market Operator from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

Electronic trading worldwide is on the increase, with new entrants emerging constantly. Not all have a 20-year track record of success and are bespoke to the relevant markets however, which offers Yieldbroker a distinct advantage for expansion.

Yieldbroker offers high transparency, efficiency and liquidity in AUD and NZD debt and derivative markets and gives overseas investors unique insight and access to these markets. Having built the platform in collaboration with market participants in the region, Yieldbroker’s proximity to Asian investors will support further growth and development of the platform at a global level.

Why is Yieldbroker best placed to service an offshore market like Singapore?

Yieldbroker's senior executive Meha Thind said, "Yieldbroker will be adapting the platform to cater for Asian based institutions as we continue to work with them to meet their requirements.”

“Our goal is to give institutions in Asia the same transparency, efficiencies and liquidity we provide to our Australian and New Zealand clients, while meeting the specific needs of our local clients.”

The Yieldbroker Singapore team will work closely with the Australian business, intent on creating an extension of the current organisation. However, Yieldbroker is committed to investing in the local economy, employing locally-based market specialists - including technologists, sales and data analysts - who will drive the best possible collaboration between the two markets.

Thind says “Singapore is the key Fixed Income hub in Asia, opening an office here is an important strategic move in Yieldbroker’s growth.” It is also the first stop when it comes to worldwide expansion: "We’re starting with Singapore, and continually surveying opportunities for further expansion into new markets.  We plan to grow reach and innovate the product to cater for our expanding global client base."

Thind will be heading up the Singapore team as Managing Director - Asia, a role well-suited to her first-hand knowledge of the markets. Not only has Thind extensive background in Fixed Income and derivatives trading and sales, she has also spent a lot of time in the Singapore region. This way, she has built experience, relationships and local knowledge.

Thind says, "I love the innovative, team culture of Yieldbroker, so I will relish bringing it to the rest of the world". And so she will - Yieldbroker will be kicking off the launch of their Singapore office at the Fixed Income & FX Summit which will be running from 17-19 September.

About Yieldbroker

Yieldbroker operates established electronic markets for Australian interest rate securities and derivatives. They provide the market knowledge, regulatory oversight and technology infrastructure that has driven the growth of electronic markets as an efficient alternative to traditional over-the-counter methods.