Financial technologists that deliver human experiences

We’re a growing team of professionals, developers and innovators from very diverse backgrounds. We’re united by one passion – to overlay technology solutions with human experiences.

Independently operated, wholly led by industry pioneers

Yieldbroker is an independently operated co-operative venture, jointly owned by leading banking participants in the Australian and New Zealand interest rate markets and the largest Exchange.

Who we are

Current shareholder banks:
ANZ, CBA, Citi, Deutsche, JPMorgan, Macquarie, NAB, RBC, RBS, TD, UBS and Westpac.

In 2014 the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) acquired a 49% share in the business, becoming our 13th institutional shareholder.

As a Board, we set our goals together in consultation, focusing on creating broad benefits for all our users and participants. Our purpose is threefold:

  • Foster liquidity, enhance price transparency and provide clients with efficient deal execution on our platform.
  • Evolve our markets with technological innovation, delivered via human understanding.
  • Develop straight-through-processing (STP) solutions that improve transactional efficiency and reduce operational and compliance costs.

Our Board and leadership teams

Our Board of Directors possesses a diverse range of skills and experience, and provides strategic direction to our core leadership team.

Our leadership team was formed through the belief that unity is nothing without diversity. We draw on the individual strengths and wide-ranging experience of each member to unify the business, and are committed to creating a workplace without silos.

We do this by always:

  • Communicating clearly
  • Empowering our teams
  • Keeping our promises, and
  • Leading by example
  • Anthony Robson
    CEO & Managing Director

    Over 25 years of trading and business experience, with a passion for transforming trading capability and leading change in financial markets.

  • Greg Gibson
    Chief Financial Officer

    Over 25 years’ experience driving multifaceted operational change.

  • Fiona Breen
    Company Secretary & Head of Corporate

    Over 20 years of financial services experience, specialising in compliance and company secretarial services.

  • Michael Baker
    Head of Development

    Programming expert with over 15 years’ experience building and improving electronic markets.

  • John Kimpton
    Managing Director – Business Development

    Sales and business development leader, with over 25 years’ experience leading teams to achieving client service excellence.

  • Isabella Teixeira
    Head of Business Operations

    20 years of consulting and financial services experience, specialising in operations and business management.

  • Meha Thind
    Managing Director – Asia

    Entrepreneur and fixed income sales specialist, with over 15 years of financial markets experience.

  • Emily Turner
    Head of Strategic Analysis & Research

    Electronic trading specialist with over 15 years’ experience delivering strategic change in financial markets.

The values that guide everything we do

We’re continually reviewing technologies that have the potential to revolutionise how people discover and execute an on-market opportunity.

We know that when we equip our users with smart ways to trade more efficiently and with less risk, we’re also reshaping Australia’s debt capital markets and improving the financial services industry on the whole.

Our values don’t just drive our success, they’re both our identity and our promise. We live them in every interaction with our clients, partners and colleagues.

  • Integrity

    We earn trust by being transparent, honest and considered in all our dealings.

  • Accountability

    We take responsibility, we self-report, we improve.

  • Communication

    We’re honest with each other and our clients.

  • Teamwork

    We know that the best outcomes are often a result of teamwork

How we’re doing our bit to give back

Our commitment to making a positive impact in our local and international communities carries through our policies and daily practices.

This commitment doesn’t just impact the markets and services we build – it’s also central to why many of us enjoy coming to work every day.

  • Environment
    Green initiatives, energy-efficiency awareness and minimizing waste – these are just some of ways we work to keep the earth in mind every day at work.
  • Society
    We proudly donate to a number of charities. Currently, we are working closely with the Children’s Tumour Foundation (CTF), and are committed to helping in its cause to conquer Neurofibromatosis (NF).
  • Marketplace
    We’re constantly evolving our technology and making financial markets more liquid, functional and fair, for all participants.
  • Workplace
    Our health and wellbeing initiatives are designed to help our people thrive and be their best selves at work – including mental health awareness, flexible working, breakout relaxing spaces and more.

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