Trusted by Australia’s debt markets community since 1999

Dynamically connecting markets for unrivalled trading efficiency and liquidity

We bring buy and sell side participants together in a secure, transparent environment. In doing so, Yieldbroker both leads and shapes the AUD and NZD debt capital markets.

Our electronic platform encompasses definitive market coverage and liquidity, brought to life on technology that delivers superior transactional efficiency, compliance and risk management capability.

All this is backed by top-tier human support, and years of dedicated expertise.

Pioneering electronic trading in Australia

In 1999, leading debt market participants came together to revolutionise how interest rate securities were traded in Australia. The result is Yieldbroker.

Our history includes:

  • Pioneering market efficiency
    First interest rate securities platform to be awarded an Australian Markets License, and first foreign-regulated multilateral swaps trading facility to qualify for relief with the CFTC from the Swap Execution Facility (SEF) registration requirement.
  • Industry-leading technology
    A world-leading auction platform utilised by the Australian Commonwealth and State Governments.
  • Liquidity in electronic markets
    Bringing together over 140 market participants to create optimum trading opportunities.


  • 1999 – Founded
  • 2001 – Dealer & Client Dealer-to-Client platform launch
  • 2004 – Australian Markets License and enhanced platform capability
  • 2006 – DEBTS trading platform launch
  • 2007 – Live pricing and interdealer trading platform launch
  • 2009 – Strategic partnerships with the Australian Office of Financial Management (AOFM) and Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA)
  • 2012 – Won mandate to manage primary issuance service for NZD government securities
  • 2013 – Became the first foreign-regulated multilateral swaps trading facility to qualify for relief with the CFTC from the Swap Execution Facility (SEF) registration requirement
  • 2014 – Joined ASX’s Australian Liquidity Centre with 49% shareholding investment
  • 2018 – Launched regulatory compliant platform for trading and reporting of NCD’s
  • 2018 – Opened Singapore office – first expansion into a foreign jurisdiction

Over 19 years of innovation, driven by human relationships

At Yieldbroker we know that better business is done when human interaction drives digital success. That’s why listening is at the core of what we do.

For almost two decades, we’ve developed solutions that foster liquidity, enhance price transparency and improve trading efficiency in Australia’s $40 trillion interest rate market.

To do this, we’ve collaborated closely with market participants to constantly refine the knowledge, regulatory oversight and technology infrastructure that we bring to the table.

It’s how we’ve continually pioneered improvements in electronic trading, responded to changing market conditions, and helped our clients meet the demands of increased regulation with confidence. It’s how we’ll continue delivering world-class service.