Yieldbroker releases a solution to facilitate RG97 reporting requirements for super funds

Press Releases
1 October 2017

Yieldbroker has released a solution to facilitate RG97 reporting requirements for super funds. This will involve providing an indicative rate at the time of execution for most securities and comparing this to the transacted rate to generate an implied transaction cost. This data will then be available in a comprehensive report showing the implied transaction cost by trade and by account.

For Trades Executed on Yieldbroker:

  • An indicative rate generated from our pricing engine (where possible) will be shown in a column next to the transacted rate.
  • This rate is editable, with the details of whom and when it was changed recorded in the ticket trade journal and noted on the report.
  • Yieldbroker will calculate a transaction cost based on our (or the supplied) indicative rate and compare this to the transacted rate, resulting in an Implied Transaction Cost (ITC).

For Voice Tickets Recorded on Yieldbroker:

  • An indicative rate will not be generated, however the indicative mid field will be highlighted red to alert the user that the field needs a rate entered in order for an implied transaction cost to be calculated and displayed in the report.
  • Who and when the rate was entered will be displayed in the ticket journal and in the report.

We are currently refining this solution and are seeking further client feedback with additional functionality enhancements scheduled for later phases of the project. Our overall goal is to help ease reporting and regulatory requirements for our clients.

If you have any questions or would like to arrange training or platform access please contact our Business Development team at BusinessDevGroup@yieldbroker.com