Yieldbroker “approved trading venue” for the capture and reporting of NCD and Bank Bill transactions

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23 October 2017

The BBSW rate set methodology is changing to a VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price) and this change will require the reporting of prime bank NCD and Bank Bill transactions. Yieldbroker are an “Approved Trading Venue” for the capture and reporting of these trades and we have developed functionality to support the ASX guidelines, which is accessible to all institutional clients at zero cost.

Our Bank Bill trading tab is currently available and a new version will be released on 4 December 2017, coinciding with changes in trading conventions which require a move to ‘outright’ trading. The key features are:

  • Enhanced transparency with the prime banks streaming two-way executable pricing through the rate set period.
  • Ability to competitively request quotes from the 4 prime banks.
  • Ticketing function to support the reporting of bilateral transactions to the Administrator.
  • Compliance functionality to facilitate the reporting of trade times, reasoning for trade cancellation or alteration and the recording of ‘trade reasoning’.
  • Provision of ISIN data to support reporting and improve STP.
  • Linkages to major OMS platforms are being developed.

In the lead up to the changes in dealing conventions we will be visiting banks to provide training and gather further feedback.

If you have any questions or would like to arrange training or platform access please contact our Business Development team at BusinessDevGroup@yieldbroker.com

For more information on the new BBSW methodology:

For more information on the ASX Trade and Trade Reporting Guidelines: