Get unrivalled liquidity in our electronic markets

$250 billion monthly
140 major financial institutions
1200+ debt securities and OTC interest rate derivatives


The interest rate market impacts and influences all levels of corporate and personal finance. It is intrinsic to the health of the Australian and New Zealand economy.

We’ve built the infrastructure that has enabled nearly two decades of trust within the local financial markets. Our extensive coverage of financial instruments in the AUD and NZD debt capital markets is one of the reasons our clients say they value us.

Bonds and Auctions

Get top-tier dealing flexibility that lets you discover and trade on executable pricing from 23 leading price makers.

We operate markets across a broad range of debt securities, including:

  • Australian government, semi-government, and government guaranteed bonds
  • Australian semi-government securities and NZ LGFA securities
  • Australian corporate securities, floating rate notes (FRN), supranational, sovereign, and agency fixed rate securities
  • New Zealand government securities, New Zealand supranational, sovereign, and agency fixed rate securities

Interest Rate Swaps

Trade seamlessly in Australia or London with no broker intermediation.

Trades through our Request-for-Quote (RFQ) function or an order book are automatically sent to MarkitWire for affirmation, and through to central clearing.

No broker intermediation. No information skews.

We’re a licensed electronic swap execution platform facilitating swaps in:

  • fixed/floating AUD IRS
  • single currency basis swaps
  • bills/LIBOR basis out to 30-year duration

Overnight Index Swaps and Forward Rate Agreements

Supporting participants in the short-term interest rates (STIR) market through the straight-through-processing (STP) and superior price discovery.

Participants can execute overnight index swaps (OIS) and forward rate agreements (FRA) trades from 1 month out to 2 years, in both Annual and Zero form, or up to scheduled RBA meeting dates. We also support spread and EFP trading.

How we’re helping to shape Australia’s interest rate markets

With billions of dollars traded annually in our electronic markets, even small improvements in efficiency can have an enormous impact. That’s where our specialty lies.

  • Facilitating relationships

    Our bespoke electronic trading solution facilitates relationships between market participants and regulators to produce unrivalled liquidity in AUD and NZD debt capital markets. This gives users transparent access to the best real-time trading opportunities.

  • Reducing transaction costs for all participants

    By tightening pricing and lowering fees, we’re reducing transaction costs for market participants.

  • Tailoring our markets to local requirements

    We tailor our markets to match the requirements of a broad range of local debt securities and derivatives.

  • Pricing clarity

    The clarity of our pricing information has made us the recognised source for valuations for local interest rate securities, and is used by The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) when determining the official Bank Bill Swap Rate (BBSW).

2018 and 2019 Trading Calendars

Our platform and markets are closed for trading on these public holidays in 2018 and 2019.
  • 24 Dec - Monday - Christmas Eve**
  • 25 Dec - Tuesday - Christmas Day
  • 26 Dec - Wednesday - Boxing Day
  • 31 Dec - Monday - New Years Eve**
  • 01 Jan - Tuesday - New Year's Day Holiday
  • 28 Jan - Monday Australia Day Holiday
  • 19 Apr - Friday - Good Friday
  • 22 Apr - Monday - Easter Monday
  • 25 Apr - Thursday - Anzac Day*
  • 10 Jun - Monday - Queens Birthday Holiday*
  • 7 Oct - Monday - Labour Day*
  • 24 Dec - Tuesday - Christmas Eve**
  • 25 Dec - Wednesday - Christmas Day
  • 26 Dec - Thursday - Boxing Day
  • 31 Dec - Tuesday - New Year's Eve**

* Limited markets are open on the NSW Bank Holiday (London session is open).

** Yieldbroker trading will cease at 12:30 on these days in line with ASX24 trading of Bond futures. London session is not open.

Our ratesheet is published at 17:00 AEST/AEDT on NSW working days. Register now to get your access.