Yieldbroker launches a new derivative workflow – Anonymous Request (ANON REQ)

Press Releases
3 October 2017

Developed in response to feedback on the current RFQ system, ANON REQ allows the trader to send out anonymous price requests for cleared derivatives. Based on a participant interaction model and using smart business logic developed by Yieldbroker, ANON REQ is able to generate a trading pool at a fair market price.

Traders interact within this trading pool and subsequent pools if sufficient residual interest remains. All interactions occur with no indication of name, volume or direction. Counterparties maintain their anonymity and can safely discover if true interest to trade exists at a level, with assurance of informational symmetry.

Yieldbroker’s goal has been to build a facility which can be used to clear risk at genuine market levels, generate liquidity in times of low or high market activity and is conducive to all types of market participants. At the same time we are committed and focused on operating a fair, orderly and transparent market to ensure it provides integrity to the market.

If you have further questions or interest in the ANON REQ product please contact our Business Development team at BusinessDevGroup@yieldbroker.com