Interest Rate Swaps

Yieldbroker is an Australian licensed electronic swap execution platform. Yieldbroker currently facilitates swaps in fixed/floating AUD IRS, single currency basis swaps and bills/ LIBOR basis out to 30 year duration. Trading can be performed through our request for quote (RFQ) functionality or an order book across our swap products. Trades are automatically sent to MarkitWire for affirmation and directly on to the clearing house for central clearing. Both RFQ and order book trading methods have no broker intermediation, allowing traders to operate without asymmetric information skews. Our success has been attributed to fairness, STP, and reduced brokerage costs. Interest rate swaps are available to trade in Australia and into the London trading day.

Overnight Index Swaps and Forward Rate Agreements

The Yieldbroker platform allows trading in overnight index swaps (OIS) and forward rate agreements (FRA). This facility supports participants in the short-term interest rates market looking to benefit from the efficiencies of modern electronic trading, including straight-through-processing and superior price discovery. Participants can execute OIS trades from 1 month out to 2 years, in both Annual and Zero form, or up to scheduled RBA meeting dates. Spread and EFP trading is also supported. The OIS/FRA market predominately trades via RFQ; however, Yieldbroker supports a variety of trading methodologies including order book. The platform has become a valued part of the market infrastructure and commands a significant market share of all AUD short-term interest rate trading (STIRT) in both Australia and London.