Location, location and why it still matters in financial markets

SYDNEY – 28 March 2018 Location is a market characteristic that has traditionally held so much relevance for the financial industry. We see its historical significance everywhere, from the very names of financial exchanges (ASX, NYSE etc…) to the way in which Wall Street became irrevocably synonymous with the market itself. Not so long ago, the trading floor was the heart of the market, with hand waving and papers passing as trades were executed. In those days, it seemed as though our

Yieldbroker announces its phase 1 launch of AUD repo for the Interdealer market

SYDNEY – 4 December 2017 This AUD repo offering will allow dealers to view live co-mingled repo rates, post passive orders, aggress and execute on resting liquidity, allocate and process trades - all on one platform allowing for operational efficiencies and assured execution. Phase 2, expected in the first half of 2018, will incorporate additional functionality including RBA and custom dates, transact/close out open trades and the ability to manage unwinds and substitutions. Dealer-to-client trading via Request-For-Quote (RFQ) and Tri-Party Repo in

Yieldbroker “approved trading venue” for the capture and reporting of NCD and Bank Bill transactions

SYDNEY – 23 October 2017 The BBSW rate set methodology is changing to a VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price) and this change will require the reporting of prime bank NCD and Bank Bill transactions. Yieldbroker are an “Approved Trading Venue” for the capture and reporting of these trades and we have developed functionality to support the ASX guidelines, which is accessible to all institutional clients at zero cost. Our Bank Bill trading tab is currently available and a new version will be

Yieldbroker launches a new derivative workflow – Anonymous Request (ANON REQ)

SYDNEY – 3 October 2017 Developed in response to feedback on the current RFQ system, ANON REQ allows the trader to send out anonymous price requests for cleared derivatives. Based on a participant interaction model and using smart business logic developed by Yieldbroker, ANON REQ is able to generate a trading pool at a fair market price. Traders interact within this trading pool and subsequent pools if sufficient residual interest remains. All interactions occur with no indication of name, volume or direction.

Yieldbroker releases a solution to facilitate RG97 reporting requirements for super funds

SYDNEY – 1 October 2017 Yieldbroker has released a solution to facilitate RG97 reporting requirements for super funds. This will involve providing an indicative rate at the time of execution for most securities and comparing this to the transacted rate to generate an implied transaction cost. This data will then be available in a comprehensive report showing the implied transaction cost by trade and by account. For Trades Executed on Yieldbroker:

  • An indicative rate generated from our pricing engine (where possible) will be

Yieldbroker has released its new dealer to client derivatives platform

SYDNEY – 8 May 2017 Yieldbroker, Australia’s leading OTC interest rate exchange, has released its new dealer to client AUD derivatives platform. This is a significant development in Australian fixed income trading market, as the vast majority of transactions in AUD and NZD interest rates derivatives are currently traded over voice. Yieldbroker plans to leverage the strengths in its dealer to client bond platform and inter dealer derivatives platform to deliver the same high levels of transparency, transactional efficiency and regulatory compliance

Anthony Robson appointed as Yieldbroker CEO

SYDNEY - 3 May 2017 The board of Yieldbroker Pty Limited is pleased to announce that Anthony Robson has been appointed to the position of Managing Director and CEO commencing 3rd May 2017. Mr Robson has extensive experience managing participant firms in both Yieldbroker’s markets and the broader market beyond. Previously he worked at Commonwealth Bank, Barclays, UBS and Westpac where he had a range of responsibilities primarily across Fixed Income Trading and Sales businesses. He has lived and worked in Sydney,

Yieldbroker CEO to step down after 15 years

SYDNEY – 23 December 2016 Yieldbroker Pty Limited’s Managing Director and CEO, Richard Swift has advised the board of his intention to leave the company after nearly 15 years. He will remain in the role while the board recruits a successor and to enable a smooth transition. Under Mr Swift’s leadership, Yieldbroker’s business has expanded substantially, and in November 2014 ASX made a significant investment in the company, becoming its largest shareholder. Mr Swift remarked, “With the company on a very sound footing,

Yieldbroker receives ‘world first’ approval to tap US market

SYDNEY – 22 September 2016 Yieldbroker, Australia’s OTC interest rate exchange, has become the first foreign-regulated, multilateral swap trading facility to receive long-term approval to access US-based customers. The move secures billions of dollars of trade business, removes commercial uncertainty and is one more step towards achieving Yieldbroker’s vision of becoming a globally significant platform for trading in Australian and New Zealand dollar interest rate securities. More than 100 major financial institutions access over 900 debt securities and interest rate derivatives on the Yieldbroker