Anthony Robson appointed as Yieldbroker CEO

SYDNEY - 3 May 2017 The board of Yieldbroker Pty Limited is pleased to announce that Anthony Robson has been appointed to the position of Managing Director and CEO commencing 3rd May 2017. Mr Robson has extensive experience managing participant firms in both Yieldbroker’s markets and the broader market beyond. Previously he worked at Commonwealth Bank, Barclays, UBS and Westpac where he had a range of responsibilities primarily across Fixed Income Trading and Sales businesses. He has lived and worked in Sydney,

Yieldbroker CEO to step down after 15 years

SYDNEY – 23 December 2016 Yieldbroker Pty Limited’s Managing Director and CEO, Richard Swift has advised the board of his intention to leave the company after nearly 15 years. He will remain in the role while the board recruits a successor and to enable a smooth transition. Under Mr Swift’s leadership, Yieldbroker’s business has expanded substantially, and in November 2014 ASX made a significant investment in the company, becoming its largest shareholder. Mr Swift remarked, “With the company on a very sound footing,

Yieldbroker receives ‘world first’ approval to tap US market

SYDNEY – 22 September 2016 Yieldbroker, Australia’s OTC interest rate exchange, has become the first foreign-regulated, multilateral swap trading facility to receive long-term approval to access US-based customers. The move secures billions of dollars of trade business, removes commercial uncertainty and is one more step towards achieving Yieldbroker’s vision of becoming a globally significant platform for trading in Australian and New Zealand dollar interest rate securities. More than 100 major financial institutions access over 900 debt securities and interest rate derivatives on the Yieldbroker

ASX Completes Investment In Yieldbroker

SYDNEY - 28 Nov 2014 ASX and Yieldbroker today announced that ASX’s investment in Yieldbroker has successfully completed. A proposal for ASX to acquire a 49% shareholding in Yieldbroker for a total of $65 million was announced on 18 September 2014.  The investment makes ASX a shareholder in Yieldbroker alongside ANZ, CBA, Citi, Deutsche Bank, J.P. Morgan, Macquarie, NAB, Royal Bank of Canada, Royal Bank of Scotland, Toronto Dominion, UBS and Westpac, who will remain equal shareholders. ASX's 49% stake is non-controlling and Yieldbroker remains

ASX offers to invest in Yieldbroker

SYDNEY - 18 SEP 2014 ASX and Yieldbroker today announced that ASX has made a binding proposal to Yieldbroker’s shareholders to acquire a 49% shareholding in Yieldbroker for a total of $65 million. This would make ASX a significant investor alongside ANZ, CBA, Citi, Deutsche Bank, J.P. Morgan, Macquarie, NAB, RBC, RBS, Toronto Dominion, UBS and Westpac. If completed, ASX's stake will be non-controlling and Yieldbroker will remain independently managed. Yieldbroker is an Australian financial services success story. It specialises in operating licensed

Yieldbroker goes live with ASX’s Australian Liquidity Centre

SYDNEY – 26 June 2014 Yieldbroker, Australia’s OTC interest rate exchange, has established a technology presence at the ASX’s Australian Liquidity Centre (ALC), which provides customers with direct, cost-effective connectivity to Yieldbroker markets. The ALC is a purpose-built data centre that provides cost-efficient, hosting and data centre services to the broad financial market community. By bringing together a broad range of financial participants under one roof, ALC offers the unique ability to access Australia's largest pools of liquidity and information with reduced complexity, cost and

Yieldbroker partners with S&P Dow Jones Indices to educate investors

SYDNEY – 2 June 2014 Yieldbroker, Australia’s OTC interest rate exchange, is participating in a series of workshops hosted by S&P Dow Jones Indices in mid-June, discussing the construction of the S&P/ASX Australian Fixed Interest Index Series. The S&P/ASX Australian Fixed Interest Index Series is a suite of indices designed to measure the performance of the Australian short-term money market and the Australian bond market. Yieldbroker collects and provides bond pricing data for the S&P/ASX Australian Fixed Interest Index Series. Data is collected from

Yieldbroker granted temporary relief to register as swap execution facility

SYDNEY – 18 May 2014 Yieldbroker, Australia’s OTC interest rate exchange, has welcomed the decision by the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) to further extend the temporary requirement for Yieldbroker to register as a swap execution facility (SEF). In 2013, Yieldbroker became the first non-US execution venue to successfully negotiate and be granted temporary relief from the requirement to register as a SEF. Yieldbroker operates an electronic execution venue for Australian interest rates securities and derivatives including the electronic trading of interest

Yieldbroker adopts superior surveillance solution

SYDNEY – 30 May 2014 Yieldbroker, Australia’s OTC interest rate exchange, is implementing a surveillance system to further ensure a fair, orderly and transparent trading environment for interest rate investors by providing the ability to detect any anomalous or potentially prohibited trading activity on its electronic exchange. Delta Surveillance enables Yieldbroker to meet its surveillance, reporting and monitoring obligations regarding derivatives and over-the-counter (OTC) trading. The solution, created by First Derivatives, can adapt easily to future changes in regulation and will be

HSBC joins Yieldbroker Dealer & Client market

SYDNEY - 13 Oct 2010 HSBC has joined Yieldbroker Pty Limited’s Dealer & Client platform, effective October 11 2010. HSBC clients can now access up to 18 pricemakers on the Yieldbroker trading platform. Richard Swift, Manager Director of Yieldbroker, commented: “Yieldbroker continues to offer comprehensive access to pricemakers in Australian and New Zealand debt markets, providing our institutional clients with enhanced price transparency, superior deal execution and unprecedented liquidity. “The next few years also promise some exciting developments, as we leverage this broad participation