Yieldbroker provides enhanced price discovery and superior deal execution in a secure online trading environment.

Dealers are provided with unrivalled dealing flexibility, with the ability to view and trade executable pricing or request competitive two-way markets from 23 leading price makers.

Bond/Semi Central gives dealers access to live two-way markets in all Bond and Semi securities, a tradeable view into the interbank markets and a market monitor which records details, but not the counterparties involved, of all trades dealt on the live pricing.

Yieldbroker operates markets across a broad range of debt securities including:

  • Australian and New Zealand government securities
  • Australian semi-government securities and NZ LGFA securities
  • AUD corporate securities
  • AUD floating rate notes
  • AUD supranational, sovereign, and agency fixed rate securities
  • AUD government guaranteed bonds
  • NZD supranational, sovereign, and agency fixed rate securities

All trading activity is recorded in a blotter which can be accessed by both traders and their support staff. Yieldbroker also provides a reporting portal for users to access for any historical trading information that may be required.